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  • Zeblaze Blitz 3G-2G Android 5.1 WiFi Phone Watch

    Smart watches are not something that I easily get impressed with! Only watch I was really keen to keep it for my own use was Sony Smartwatch 3. But the square shape is not something that I’m keen to wear, but still own it. Moto 360 second ben or Hawaii are completely out of my price range. Then came along the offer to test  the Zeblaze Blitz watch. Usually I tend to reject the offers to test these watches as they rely on bluetooth for connectivity but this is completely different beast with loads of connectivity options.
    WiFi, GPS & Phone
    Zeblaze Blitz Smart Watch runs on full android 5.1 OS, comes pre-installed with plenty of apps that you use daily including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and lot more. Under the hood MKT6850 Quad Core processor, 4GB ROM, Mali 400GPU

    All the great things
    + Full version of Android 5.1
    + Functional Phone with Nano SIM slot
    + WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Pedometer & IP67 support
    + Download any APPS from plaster (few apps does’t work)
    + Plenty of watch faces with round sporty design

    Not so great things
    - constant bluetooth disconnections (keep an eye on firmware upgrades)
    - large battery, but drains quickly

    The watch is really self contained, on the sides it has a Speaker, Camera capable of recording video and taking pictures and a microphone. You have to remove the back plate with supplied screw driver to insert the nano SIM. The watch comes with many apps pre installed, you can install most of them to free up the space. Though product specifications says 4GB storage space, full OS and supporting software takes up 3/4th of the space leaving 1GB or so free.

    I’m wearing this watch for past 2 weeks, the Silicon strap is very comfortable and the watch closely match to my expectations. Using this watch a a phone, it jut works - but it also acts as a speaker phone, that means the conversations are public. Not sure you want to use it in public places. But using it with a data sim, gives you unlimited options and connectivity all the time. As the SIM has a number attached, you can use all the message apps including WhatsAPP and Google Allo - so you are pretty much connected.

    Charger / dock is another highlight, no proprietary cable or fiddly magnetic attachment. Dock is tight fit, attach to your existing micro USB or the supplied one and plug to your USB wall plug. Attached plenty of pictures a short video clip playing youtube video.

    Overall a very decent watch that is not larger than your average sports watch. Plenty of features and connectivity options. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks in close up (pics will be uploaded tomorrow). I've asked supplier for firmware upgrade for a more stable Bluetooth connection, I'll keep you all posted if something comes up, keep an eye on comments under the review, I'll do the further updates there.

    Supplied the product for testing purposes and opinion shared is based on my own experience and testing environment / equipments.

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