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  • VicTsing Automatic Electric Pencil Sharpener

    Electric Pencil sharpener? I never know that gadget exists. Something that every home need one, when you have children.

    Comes in the box, just the sharpener, manual and an additional replacement sharpener core. The unit takes 4x AA batteries, which is not included in the pack, you have to supply your own to get this sharpener working. There is no switch to turn or off on any kind of indicator on the unit that shows power is on or off.

    The unit turns on when the pencil is pushed in and start sharpening and stops when the tip is sharpened. Powerful but need to get used with the best way to position and hold the pencil. For me, holding the pencil without any grip and with one finger pushing down works the best. The unit switches off automatically when the pencil is removed or when the tip is sharpened.
    Additional Sharpening Core
    The plastic body is very durable, the dust collection bin is large enough for several rounds. Only limitation is round recyclable pencils struggles in the unit, but wooden ones are just perfect and easy to use.

    Overall a very useful home gadget, works exactly as it intended to be. There is no mess to clean after cutting. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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