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  • VicTsing 2 pack SJCAM Action Camera Battery with Charger

    In short, you get 2 batteries and the charger - this will get enough juice for SJCAM or most of the similar cameras out there for a long time, and the bonus is the charger can be powered from USB adapter. That means you can use your portable power pack or car USB chargers.

    Comes in the box 2x 3.7V batteries with 1100mAh power and the charger. I’ve used this in my ageing SJCAM 4000 that I use in car and another VicTsing Camera I carry everywhere. This battery provides at least 15% more charge than the stock batteries.
    2 batteries and Charger with USB input
    More than the technical bits, the peace of mind the extra batteries gives when you are out in the field when shooting something important. For that alone, surely this works. I’ve been using this set of batteries for past 2 weeks and works solidly and effortlessly without a single failure.

    Overall very decent set of batteries that really can be trusted. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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