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  • VicTsing 100cm Multi Colour LED Strip Light

    One of the best lighting solution I’ve every owned - It’s just simple, variety of colours and settings, easy to install and hardly any power consumption.

    3M 300MP double sided tape - I’m sure many of you know the quality of those. They are industry grade tape with thick liner. The entire light strip is stuck into this tape, which is also IP65 rated. I only had this for a week or so, but have tested in outdoor (without sticking anywhere but hanging on to a tree with portable battery pack. It survived light rain for 2 days or so.

    + 5V Supply & Remote control
    + 3M 300MP tape to attach to any surface

    - 100cm is too short

    Only 5V USB power supply is needed for this strip, so I think can be used in many situations including in Car, sides of tables / shelves, behind TV or even around headboard of bed. Most of the light strips I’ve seen either needed 12V supply or various other adapters to power to mains.
    Runs from USB power source
    Comes in the box, just the light strip, remote control (with battery) and manual. You can cycle through various colours, speed and brightness. As the entire strip is attached to thick tape, it feels more stronger than just thin strips I’ve seen. Overall a very beautiful and strong light strip. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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