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  • S&G Warm White LED Under Cabinet Lighting

    In short, a great quality set of light - need 0% skills for installation. Only point to think - the AC power adapter and control centre has to be in the middle for maximum extension of the lights.

    I’d use this set of lights under the kitchen wall cabinets, stair lights or book shelves light. I’d have recommended this as edge lighting for ceiling, but for that purpose strip light is the best. Cables attached to the lights are around 2 metre in length, so the full stretch of the entire light system would be 4 metre or or so.

    The lights can be fixed on to the cabinet either with the supplied screws or the sticky pads. If you have appliances sitting on the worktop that emits heat, screwing down the lights are best option, otherwise sticky pads are just okay.

    In the pack, 6 light units with cables attached to each light unit individually, the screws, sticky pads, the control centre and 12v power supply. You can just plug in one light to the control unit or 6 units together, which is the full capacity. Each light has 2W power and in warm white colour. The brightness is approximately around 175 lumens.
    No installation skills needed, just plug & play
    Very contemporary design with aluminium / alloy casing with well terminated and protected cables. But make sure the control unit is free from humid conditions, as it surely goes somewhere hidden to keep things tidy.

    Overall there is lot of love for this light, I’ve temporarily attached this in stairs. This might be my choice of placement, I’ll be plugging this to a Smart plug, which could either be controlled via motion sensor or Amazon Alexa. Please ask me in the comments section if you need further info, I’ve configured this.

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