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  • PowerLead Puda D002 Car HUD Head Up Display with OBD2

    Start with negatives - not the problem with the actual unit itself but modern wind screens has dual glass fused together with some material in between, so when you try to reflect something on to the glass, it appears bit blurred / dual image. So you will end up fitting the plastic film on to glass, which I personally don't want on my wind screen.

    A brilliant unit - so convenient and easy. Most importantly you can keep your eyes all the time on the road, particularly helpful when you driving in areas with variable speed limits and many traffic cameras. Basically the unit collect all the data of your vehicle from ODB II and output it to the HUD unit. The unit interprets the data and displays in real time as mirror image. When the unit faces a mirror or mirror like glass, it makes readable.
    Keeps you safe on road
    Comes in the box a 5.5” HUD unit, ODB II cable, anti slip pad for dash, a reflective plastic that can be stuck on to your windshield if the display is distorted and decent user manual. The cable has enough length to hide the wire conveniently. There is a rocker switch on the side, which can be used to configure the device for your vehicle and calibrate. By default the unit may display in Kilometre, but you can switch to miles via the rocker switch.

    There is an ambience sensor on the unit, so it turns down the brightness in the night. The HUD gets power directly from your ODB II port in car. The display is multicoloured and has matt black finish, so not fingerprint or dust magnet.

    Overall a decent device that you keep you safe on roads for sure. But you may have to fix the reflective plastic on windshield to get a clear reflection. Also if you live in a rough area, this is another gadget you have to unplug and keep in the glovebox. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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