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  • PowerLead D012 Doorbell Wifi Video Door Phone

    In short, if you use direct ethernet cabling to the door bell from your router, all you need is just one cable for a solid connection and you will be up and running within 5 minutes or so.

    You can use Power Over Ethernet feature to provide power and data connection to the door bell, but make sure you use good quality copper ethernet cable (I use BT Cat-5E reel) cables through out the home). From the router side, with the supplied ethernet + power splitter cable - provide both data and power. And on the other end just use the ethernet cable plug into the doorbell socket.

    Please note that I’ve not tested the door unlock feature, as I don’t have a electric lock. If you are planning to use it, you may have to use some kind of extension as the supplied cable may not be long enough to go (or around) through the wall. The bell unit itself is made of metal, the outer cover is ABS plastic or something similar to that.
    Just an Ethernet Cable is needed
    The unit can be accessed via an app called IPBell, which can be installed in Smartphone or tablet. App is so simple to setup - all you need is to scan the bar code in the back of the door bell, the app picks up all the settings from the QR code, just key in desired password and you are done. Your phone will ring and once you accept the call you can listen to the visitor, but to talk you have to push and hold (on smartphone) a button.

    The installed app also gives you push notifications whenever it senses a movement in front of camera, you don’t have to run the APP for this notifications. APP is stable enough for frequent use, but not sure I trust the auto door unlock-lock system. The APP runs in the background, drains the battery a bit.

    Currently I tested the bell indoors continuously running for past several days to check the stability of electrical bits, networking and APP. All looks good so far, so I’ll be installing on door frame tomorrow, assuming my drill goes through the wall to get ethernet cable out. I’ll come back and update the review after few months on how it get through the seasons.

    Overall a decent device - more specifically a cheaper alternative to ERA Ring, works faultlessly via wired connections. Please do check out the pictures to see how it works and what’s included in the pack.

    Please look a closer look at this picture below to see how you inject power to ethernet cable. All the cables and power adapter is supplied in the pack. Other end of the cable is connected to the bell as you see in above picture.

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