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  • MaxTronic Landscape Red-Green Lighting Star Projector with Remote Controller

    I tested and owned various laser lights in past year, but this is the best I’ve used. You never expect the instant transformation this lights gives.

    Most important bits first - Once you insert the battery into the remote just press on-off switch once to see whether you see the red light on the remote to make sure the battery is giving power. Then plug in the laser light, press the remote within 5 seconds right after plugging in. This will make the remote in sync with the light. Otherwise the remote will not respond no matter you do.

    The light, absolutely gorgeous - almost like adding a filter after taking a picture, feels like it floating right in front of you. Only 2 colours, red and green but beautiful to look at. And plenty of projection range, I’ve tested up to 10 metres or so. There are plenty of settings including a mixture of red and green, red or green alone or flashing lights.
    Just like adding effects after taking pictures
    The light unit is aimed for outdoor use to project to a building / home. the entire unit is IP67, perfect for outdoor conditions. Ground spike and wall plugs are also included. The light only consumes 5watts power, but very powerful. Using indoors gives more dramatic effect, in my opinion.

    Overall a great idea to light up / decorate home during festival season. One thing I forgot to add, it has a timer function to switch off the light (2-4-6 hours) if you don’t want to run through out the night. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks, also for an overall idea how it lights up in night.

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