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  • Langforth Shockproof 17.3" Laptop Backpack

    In summary, a generously sized, seriously built bag with lot of pockets, high quality zippers and lot of padding

    Comes well packaged the bag, really surprised to see such a massive bag. Wasn't expecting this quality for such a low price but I'm genuinely impressed. The bag is made of very thick quality material with loads of padding, pockets, velcro ties for holding items together. Some of the pocket are expandable.

    Countless pockets / sleeves! Starting from the front - zipped pouch for basic things, that need easy access but sized enough to carry travel documents and tickets without folding, larger sleeves inside the front pouch fits a large iPad with book case. This part is slightly padded
    Shockproof, plenty of storage
    Then 2 separate large storage spaces - one slightly padded and second one is fully padded. One of the large slots carry large quantity of books, clothes or heavy items. Then the second large pouch dedicated for large laptops, you can carry up to 2 laptops due to the design. My 13” Macbook Pro looks so tiny inside.

    The back of the bag and straps are fully padded and made of breathable material that we see only in very expensive bags. ZIPs are of very high quality, the bag follows the traditional design and shape but well put together with lot of thoughts. The bag is not overly bulky, so you may not be able to carry bulky items like trainers or shoes.

    Check out the pictures for comparison and size of the bag, feel free to ask if you have any questions. Overall great bag with plenty of pockets, that you ever need. Few more things to add. There is also a headphone outlet, pouch for water bottles, pens and battery packs.

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