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  • Koolertron Aluminum Alloy Video Track Slider

    Track sliders - a must have for any videographers. I don’t fall into that category, but just a video enthusiast who does a lot of filming for youtube mostly single angle shots. Sliders gives the viewers extra dimension of depth by placing the objects in the correct place. I was in the market to find something that fits into my budget, but most of them are way over the budget that comes with all bells and whistles. Then the Kooletron guys asked me to test this and wanted to know what I think about this.

    Comes in the box the slider rail with slider plate attached, it fits to both 3/8 and 1/4 heads. On the plate you have a spirit level as well to give an overall picture of level. Both end legs come separately, that need to be screwed in together with the supplied screws and alan / hex key. On the both ends, you can screw in rubber feet which is adjustable to keep the slope any minor adjustments. Please note that there is no manual included, but just the slider and necessary fittings.

    I’ve attached a small clip, this is the first time I’m using a slider - I wish to see slightly more smoothness but that may be just my inexperienced hands pulling or pushing the slider on rails. But with a bit of practice I’m sure that I can do a better job. 60cm slider is perfect for carrying around. You need to supply your own tripod head for better smooth shots.

    Negatives? Levelling screws could be slightly better and inclusion of a manual or at least “what’s included in the pack” would be a nice addition, in my opinion. But less than £40, this is a decent slider comparing to the cost of sliders from famous brands.

    Overall it works, but need bit practice and creativity to get great clips. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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