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  • IMECIG V2 50W E Cigarette Mod Box With Variable Voltage

    In short, a very decent starter kit - everything is included except the liquid. But there is a leaflet with voucher so you can claim your choice of liquid.

    Please note that you need to have the Liquid ready, the pack contains no vaping liquid. Comes as 2 separate units but with one 0.2 ohm coil preinstalled atomiser and a 2100mAh battery. The rechargeable battery has micro USB charging port, with variable output from 10 to 50 watts. There is also a spare 0.2 ohm coil included. Also included a micro USB cable and decently written manual. Only one metal drip tip is included the pack, but very decent quality.

    From a design perspective, fully assembled unit is little large in size comparing to beginner kits. Ergonomic design allow you to hold the unit with ease. The air vents design is extremely well thought placed. A negative point to note that there is no dust cover for drip tip.

    When you pour liquid always remember to pour along the outer edge of the atomiser and not in the hole directly you see from above. All the screws / threads are well made and no rough edges around. IMECIG has some decent Vape liquids which is easy to pour in. In the atomiser you can see the liquid. Once filled in you may have wait for few minutes of so before start using the E-Cig.
    Variable voltage, decent battery and spare coil
    Please note that this is a decent kit and good enough for people who are using these for a while or just a beginner. Decent quality replacement atomiser, coils from the same brand is available (as in product description). Overall a decent kit, with good build quality and has all the things you need to start with. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks and what’s included. IMECIG supplied the product for testing and QA purposes and it’s my decision to share the thoughts based on my own findings

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