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  • Hylogy Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Digital Display LCD Measure

    In short, the sensor quickly gets the reading and start displaying, it takes a moment the readings to settle down to steady figure, but accurate. One thing I noticed is the display figures are small, you have to look again to see the figures accurately.

    I always wanted to have one oximeter for my Dad to check his vitals, he had a stroke in the past and has complicated heart conditions. Most importantly I need to keep an eye on his oxygen levels. Samsung Galaxy phones has this feature, but for some reason doesn't work on his finger often.

    Comes in a very tiny box the Unit itself, a small pouch and technical specifications sheet. No need to manual as anyone who uses this knows. Readings are accurate and comparable to what I see on my Galaxy S6 phone. You need to supply 2x AAA batteries. One thing I forgot to add is there is a small graphical (style) display as the reading progresses.

    The readings are much quicker than the ones I saw with district nurses, both pulse rate and SpO2 are accurate. Unit shuts down after few seconds of inactivity to save battery life. Carry pouch is handy to carry around. Overall a nice little unit, almost a life saver in rare occasions or to avoid unnecessary trip to A&E. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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