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  • Finether Stainless Steel Touchless Waste Bin

    Waste bin! When it is in the Kitchen hard to keep it clean all the time - We currently have a Curver 40l bin without touchless mechanism. Every evening it needed a good wipe clean to look good. It looks metal / stainless steel, but plastic I guess.

    This Finether touchless bin is round in shape comparing to Curver we have. It takes more space, but easier to access due to wider opening but needed a corner to place. We don’t have corner space in Kitchen! So Finether goes to breakfast room, next to kitchen. This has much better quality - both in material and build, only complain is that top just sits on the container. There is no lock mechanism. So if you want to move around, hold on to the body otherwise you only have the top lid in your hand leaving the container on the floor.

    I haven’t got a chance to buy 3x D batteries, but I managed to get this connected to a USB socket with low current. So far good and working fine as expected. Ideally the manufacturer should have option to include an alternative option to power these with USB. You can turn off the auto close-open mechanism with switch in the back, as occasionally I felt the close timer is too soon for my needs.
    Always Clean & Tidy
    Stainless steel container is easy to wipe off inside outside, but there is no need for that due to the touchless feature. Also the wide opening gives you enough room to put all the things in without any problems. Major highlight for me is the convenience and easy to use.

    Overall a great bin with great build quality. Improvement I wish to see is alternate powering option than D batteries. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks. Forgot to add, there is also a manual included with the bin. Also a special note to the solid product packaging.

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