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  • Finether 1800W Adjustable Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

    Electric fire place - not an exact replacement for real fireplace. But it adds the beauty and style to the room and yes, it heats up the room too. Beautiful to look at, gives a closer feeling of actual fire in your eyes.

    1800 watts power, this can be switched half - half. 900 watts each, also the setting can be activated just as visual fire effect without heating. I’m not sure whether these are user serviceable. Comes almost fully assembled, all you need is to drill the holes on to wall, atta h the mounting plate and hang the fireplace heater. The whole body is metal and the front is curved glass. The unit is really heavy (approximately 12kg) so you need to careful while hanging. Also make sure the screws are fixed to studs.

    Ideally living room is the best place to keep, depends on the size ad style. For a medium sized room this fireplace is perfect due to the size and heating capacity. But for larger rooms, you may need bit more lengthier unit to get the full benefit of visual effects. I’ll be hanging this in office room, which is an extension to living. Leaving it in 900w heat setting is enough to warm up the room for the current single digit temperature. Love the way it lights up, not exactly as real fire - but close to gas burner style fire.

    The ventilators / blower of the unit is actually facing the top, so it may take a while to heat up the room. Each heating element is 900watts and combined together gives a 1800 watts. The light settings can be adjusted via the supplied remote control. There are various settings for flames and limited choices of backlight options. The remote can be used to switch on and off the unit as well. You can use the lights alone (including fire effect) without switching on the actual heating.

    Few things to highlight, there is a fan running in the unit so it may create a slight noise in quiet conditions. As new, the unit has a bit of smell but surely settles down after few days or so. The Curved glass is finger print magnet, so make sure to give a good clean with micro fibre cloth (to avoid hairline scratches / swirl marks) once in a while
    Add style to living room
    Overall this electric fireplace is doing a better job than I expected. I’ve ran the unit for continuous 12 hours and then intermittently during my test period. Everything is perfect so far. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks. Colour reproduction is luckily almost accurate up to 80% or so.

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