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  • Finether 15.4 FT Aluminium Folding Ladder with Safety Locking Hinges and 2 Platform Panels

    In short, a very decent ladder that fits into your car boot with seats folded back but can be extendable and unfolded to reach the height of a standard height 2 story building. 99% or the ladder is made of Aluminium and locks / clips are some strong alloy material .

    This is a very strong, solid and sturdy ladder that works in different ways. Can be folded as a step ladder if you don’t need full extension or nowhere to lean the ladder on. You can also fold into platform shape and fix the platform plates for interior painting or other DIY jobs around home. This is going to be very helpful and loads of use for sure. Also able to fully extend to climb up for gutter or window cleaning up to 2 story buildings, still fits into the car boot when folded down. This is not a telescopic ladder, so it will not collapse to tiny ladder.

    The ladder weighs around 12Kg, which is just right and light enough to carry around. Fully folded length of the ladder is 125cm or so, which is still small enough to carry in your car. Storage is easy too, as it stands solidly without the need of any support. At first, you find it difficult to pull the catch / lock-lever and move the ladder for folding or expanding, but I was able to do it myself slowly. Once you get familiarised with it, it’s just easy. Rungs are bit thinner, if you feel uncomfortable wear a shoe with thick sole.
    Safe & Stable
    Very stable and solid foot in the base. This comes as a separate unit, you have to slide in and fix it and this is the only thing you need to do, other than this everything comes as pre-assembled. The platform plates has to be kept separate and just put on top of ladder whenever needed, there are extra locks that helps to keep the platform from sliding away.

    One more thing, watch out for your fingers, while expanding and collapsing. Nothing wrong with the ladder, but moving parts may trap your fingers. Also, whilst fixing the base / foot, you may have to take out the plastic cap that comes with ladder before sliding in the base. All the nuts / bolts to attach the base are included. Rubber bushes in the base are really high grade and no chance for the ladder to slide off from the ground.

    Overall a very chunky ladder still light enough to carry. I’ll keep posting updates as we move on, but definitely good enough for all the DIY and cleaning jobs in and around home.

    Finether supplied the product for testing purposes and opinion shared is based on my own experience and testing environment / equipments.

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