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  • Excelvan Portable 1600W Electric BBQ Gril

    I’ve got this BBQ grill a while ago, but only got a chance to take out to the garden last week only, but used plenty of times indoors. Just to warn you in advance, we are just Vegans so nothing much exciting we have done on the grill other than some very common grilling.

    Other than the true sensation of Smoky BBQ that spreads around, EXCELVAN BBQ Grill is on point in most of the areas with added bonus of using it indoors as well without having the extra trolly or bells and whistles attached. 1600watts power gives plenty of heat needed for vegetables.

    For Potatoes and Carrots, I boil them in water until they are partially tender, then do a mild coating with oil and then grill. For rest of the vegetables like eggplants, asparagus, mushrooms and onion I use Safflower oil' to give an extra coat and grill directly.

    40cm diameter surface area is the key and most helpful feature coupled with 5 different heat settings. Its a split circle with one side flat and the other side ribbed. There is drainage hole that runs grease / oil from the food to the removable tray underneath. Power cable has good length, but if you are using extension cable make sure you unwind the cable in full.

    The whole unit including the trolly, comes flat packed. It takes around 30 minutes or less to put things together - but first, get all the screws, nuts and blots grouped together. There are extra hooks, a decent sized tray and a full sized lid for the grill is included. The lid helps the heat to keep even across the grill from top, particularly if you are using it outdoors.
    All year round BBQ
    As mentioned earlier the grill is easily detachable from the trolly. If you have limited space indoors you can always leave the trolly in outdoor shed and take the grill inside and use it whenever you want. Overall a very convenient cooking gadget (I’d call that way), through out the year. I’ve attached some pictures for your reference with more focus on various stages of assembling than the actual product, as it may help if you are stuck and want to have a closer look on how to get past a certain stage.

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