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  • Excelvan Electric Instant Hot Water Dispenser

    I’m a big fan of “one cup" water dispensers. For the feel good factor alone, it’s worth to have one of these at home. I’d call this as an all in one water dispenser for a variety of uses.

    My test and comparison is going to be directly against the Amazon’s best seller Breville Hot Cup. The one I already have is a simple machine and not their higher end with Variable dispenser / Brita filter. Hot water dispenser takes the exact amount of water either via preset or adjusted according to requirement and heat to the set temperature. Standard machines only has one pre-set, for eg. dispensing water at boiling temperature and 300ml quantity.

    This Excelvan Hot Water dispenser falls into the category where someone looking for a replacement for the best seller in Amazon, but with a very large water tank and not restricted to 300ml of hot water. Excelvan water dispenser has 2.5 litre water tank and consumes around 3000watts electricity.
    Instant Hot Water
    The machine is relatively large, still it blends into the kitchen very well due to its shape and colour. I’ve been testing this for past 2 weeks, there are certain differences in terms of usability between both the units I have. Excelvan is slightly slower in dispensing the water compare to the other brand I have. Excelvan has massive advantage in accessing the water tank, easy to clean and dry off, if you need to do so.

    Comes in the box, the water dispenser and manual. The tank shows the water levels and machine automatically cuts off when the water is very low in the tank. Overall a great machine, works very well - definitely saves some electricity and time. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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