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  • DeXinYuan 50 LED Powerful Solar Security Wall Light

    All the good things I personally feels - Very very bright, New model highly efficient Solar panel (easy to differentiate: older ones has a silver lining in the middle), lot of flexibility in mounting the unit.

    Comes in a brown recyclable box, the light itself assembled in full. Also included a manual and some screws / wall plugs if you wish to fix the light on wall. Put together very well with ABS plastic and the unit is water tight, still has replaceable battery.


    Straight out the box the unit appears to be very nice with matt finish and design, where the solar panel is directly facing towards the Sun when mounted on wall. You need decent Sunlight for more than 8 hours to get this working all night. So fixing this directly to an external wall may not give you full sunlight for that long. Ideally a south facing wall would do the trick. Otherwise you will be getting only 4 to 5 hours of Sun. Fixing is easy as you expect, There is almost nil maintenance, but need to clean the solar panels often to get best results.


    Powered with 2x 18650 batteries, 50 LEDs inside an IP65 protected casing gives you around 260 lumens of brightness in the brightest mode. Here is my problem, I think the specs are wrong, the light is much brighter than 260 lumens. 2 batteries gives you 4400mAh of stored power, but the solar panel is considerably smaller than the similar lights. I just have to assume these batteries are going to be under utilised.

    Angled design helps to focus the light in our own premises and not into neighbours property, diffuser makes the light scattered yet very bright. The settings on light are not easily accessible but once set you can forget about it. In my opinion the best setting would be dim continuous light and switch to bright light when the light unit sees a motion.


    Please check out the pictures for a closer look on how you see these in real situations. I’ve also opened up the light to show what exactly inside the battery compartment. Overall a well put together, that works fully in the night assuming you have a decent daylight to charge these. I’ve got around 6 hours of light (dim-bright setting) for past 1 week of testing.

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