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  • AUKEY Rechargeable Flexible LED Table Lamp

    If you want to light up the room, straighten the bend and set whatever colour temperature you want - really bright to light up small sized rooms. If you are reading you may need to set to bright light or soft white light setting.

    Negatives? Nothing really - usually the negative in this type of lamp is using a wall adapter to charge, but luckily AUKEY gone for simple USB charging. Highlight? The lamp can bend like anything you want! It’s sleek, elegant and beautiful. Very contemporary looking. The base is very small and takes only very less footprint

    Comes in the box, the light unit, a micro USB cable and a manual. The head unit and the base are in Gloss white colour and the stem is bendable with rubberised coating / wrapper. The touch sensor is very responsive and cycles through 3 different Colour temperatures.
    Flexible & tiny, but really bright
    The light has a brightness of 80lumens or so, which is more than enough for a small area. 1200mAh battery is plenty enough to survive through several hours. The white colour goes with contemporary design, if that’s your taste.

    Because of the scattered light source (28 LED) the light is more pleasing and not harsh to eyes, combined with this and adjustable colour temperature , the lamp is useful and excellent source of light for different purposes. Overall a bright light that looks good on your desk or bedside table. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life situation.

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