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  • AUKEY Intelligent Altitude Quadcopter with One key Landing and Take-off

    If you have flown a quadcopter before, yes - you can fly this too very safely. Even if you don’t have never flown - this is a great small quad to take you on board of drone flying. This works best indoors. It’s fun to have something to use indoors that flies through narrow doors or small rooms. Make sure you leave your dogs out (or even a cat). It’s so tiny, a little larger than £2 coin.

    There is a catch, but not a real problem as technology advances everyday - This s a pretty stable drone with altitude hold, that means you don’t have to train your brain to use the left controller to keep the drone steady on ground - all you need is to worry about the directions and manoeuvres. BUT if you crash it by chance - there is no protection at all in any direction, so make sure you have some extra blades handy. 

    Comes in usual AUKEY style recyclable box, the remote control with the quadcopter and an extra set of blades. What a great idea, RF remote itself is small but looks a lot bigger due to the tiny size of quadcopter. Manual has all the necessary details and right on point with pictures.

    You will get less than 5 minutes of flying time, that goes considerably lower when you start doing tricks / stunts. For the remote you need 2 x AAA batteries, which are not supplied. Quadcopter has builtin battery, which can be recharged via supplied USB cable. I’ve tested at least 5 of similar drones, this is the best in terms of stability (not for crash test) and all has similar battery capacity. Remember it only lasts 4-5 minutes, so always carry a portable battery pack if you wish to take it to local park or somewhere. 
    Steady flyer with Altitude hold
    Flying is not that difficult for those who never flown a quadcopter. This has one key take off and landing feature, works 98% of time correctly. Altitude hold will work only on plain grounds, not on elevations or steps, I’ve tried on an elevation and crashed the drone (not broken). As this is great steady flyer you will risk taking challenges - but make sure you familiarise in open grounds first and then move on to difficult areas. 

    Just in case you find the drone is acting strange, just check any hair or grass on the blades. You can also do a reset of the drone on a flat ground to get it back into stable mode. Please check out the pictures to see the quality and size in real life. Overall a good buy and cheapest way to own a drone.

    AUKEY supplied this quadcopter for testing and to share my thoughts on build quality, ease of use, compare with similar products wherever possible / applicable.

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