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  • AUKEY Dash Mount Mobile Phone Holder

    In short, an ideal car mount for many of you, particularly for those has curvy and patterned dash that don’t like normal plastic suction cup mounts. The suction mechanism is not just a suction cup, but different sticky kid of air suction cup that fits into dashes of any style.

    Comes in recyclable branded box, 2 separate pieces - the suction cup base and the mount. The mount slides in to the base with a click lock and just a press you can release and remove the mount. The mount itself is attached to the cradle via ball joint mechanism so you have fair amount of play with the direction and angle to keep your phone

    I did a fair bit of motor way driving, phone was in place securely without a single movement. My Nissan has a patterned curvy dash, but the sticky suction cup is sticking to that really well. I feel pretty confident that if the suction cup stays there in motor way speeds and the hot weather like 30 degree outside (burning hot inside in a black car), it will stay there forever.

    Overall a good mount, though not necessarily a very compact one that hides or blends into dash, but very secure and convenient. Plenty of pictures attached, please do have a look and see how it looks in real world situation

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