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  • AUKEY 50ml USB Essential Oil Diffuser

    In short - Very beautiful, match with decor, goes very well with any colour scheme, 50 ml water intake and functional.

    Very traditional looking wood effect diffuser, this is a wood grain coating over plastic - but this is the closest thing to wood that I’ve ever seen. Before owning this, we use traditional methods to get Aroma mist, but this is a very cool and neat solution. You can create mood lighting by setting the colours up to 2 brightness levels and that scatters through the outer body.

    There is no sample oil pack included, so make sure you have the oil ready when the diffuser arrives. Kept in Dad's room, who has dementia and many nurses advised certain Aroma oils are good for them. Wood grain finish is really good and won't catch much dust or fingerprints. Added bonus is the gentle light.

    Comes in the box the Aroma Diffuser, USB cable and user manual. You can power this up from any USB wall adapters, portable battery packs or Car chargers. The diffuser has auto shut off system when the water runs out. You can run in 30s intermittent spray mode or continuous spray mode. The light can be dimmed in 2 stages

    Overall a good product, that adds good ambience to the room. Make sure you add a drop or Aroma oil of your liking. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get in real life.

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