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  • AUKEY 28W Solar Charger 2x 2.4A USB ports

    A quick note - first 2 paragraphs are from my personal test including some quality time looking into the phone screen with battery monitor APP running on a very sunny day. The best solar panel charger I’ve owned so far from the many I tested.

    4 large panels, to get the best - you need direct sunlight hitting on the panel. Tested the battery monitor app indoors directly plugging into AUKEY and other well reputed brands all shown 1050mA or close enough. Used exactly the same cable with the Solar charger outdoors, the meter hit around 1020ma but any minor cloudy condition drops the charge to 600ma or below. The test is done on a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and for reference, whilst unplugged battery drain is around -500ma.
    4 SunPower Solar Panels
    Added an iPad Air into the equation to see any changes, surprisingly not much difference in power showed on Galaxy S6 irrespective of the addition of iPad Air. I don’t have a battery monitor on iPad, so cannot measure exactly how much current it is getting. Only thing I noticed is occasional drop of current to 0ma, that only happened once or twice in 2 hours of constant monitoring.

    And now back to basic details and comparison, the Solar panels are SunPower brand, they are one of the most famous companies. the charger is constructed with 4 large panels, 2 USB ports that can charge up to 2.4A of current, AUKEY calls this as AiPower. In the box, the solar panel charger, a micro USB cable (not the best inclusion I’ve seen from AUKEY) and 4 carabiner clips.

    A very large device capable of charging power hungry gadgets when you are out in field or camping, 28 watts is plenty enough for your needs but works its best only on sunny days. If you need more raw power go for the more power version of this - 42 watts and 6 panels.

    Overall a very decent charger without relying on electricity, even if your battery is full you can use it for charging your battery packs, solar lanterns and other solar powered lights - may be only little, still save some money on electricity. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how large it is.

    Important: Sun rays has to hit the panel straight (90 degree) for best results, so laying floor or table will not give you best result, check the attached pic with printed instruction on the unit.

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