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  • AUKEY 18000mAh Car Jump Starter

    Got this recently, as my relative took my trustworthy jump starter. I always keep a jump starter in the car, as we use the car power often knowingly and unknowingly. Surprised to see how clean and ergonomic this is comparing to the traditional jumper (see picture to compare the size).

    Very unique design, moving away from the brick styled charges of similar specifications - looks neat and feels quality. Heavy Duty ABS Plastic gives the unit a rugged appearance. Not only as a Jump starter, it also acts as Flash / SOS light and USB charger for your tablets and smart phones. Not exactly fast charging, but quick enough to charge the plugged in device. One of the port is equipped with 2A current, which is good enough for power hungry android devices.

    Tried on my car 1.5L Stop/Start diesel engine, which works perfectly so I assume petrol cars have no problems for a jump start. Very handy little device can be stored in glove box with a number of functionalities. You can top up the charge from Cigar lighter socket, but once in a while using A/c charging keeps battery healthy.
    Built to last
    There are 2 USB outs for charging tablets / smartphones which is also handy (tested both features, but haven't seen the fast charging message on my Samsung S6 still fast enough).

    Other than the Jump Starter, pack includes a Storage Case, Jump starter cables, power adapter, cigarette lighter charger, micro-USB Charging Cable and user manual. Some jump starter I tested earlier shown some level of heat emission on the jump starter cable but the cable included with AUKEY looks and feel fine .Overall a very good charger, with plenty of uses. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get in real life.

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