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  • 6 Pack SHINE HAI 4W Recessed LED Down lights

    6 pack downlight, please note that this not a replacement bulb but directly replacement for the entire downlight unit including the bulb. Once this fails, you have to throw away the whole unit.

    Made of plastic in white colour, each light emits 280 lumens of brightness which is roughly equivalent to 35watts halogen bulb but only need 4W power. 3000K colour temperature is absolutely beautiful in home environment.

    This light unit has all the certifications and standards (at least printed on the pack and on each bulb) but really wish they included the IP ratings. Original plan was to install this in Kitchen to replace all the downlight se. But having seen in real life it looks like a sealed pack other than a small vent to escape heat on the sides, I’m thinking of installing this in bathroom where the current downlights are ancient!
    Perfect colour temperature for home
    Please note that you may need a qualified electrician to install these lights as it involves replacement of the unit itself, not just the bulbs. Also there might need some minor adjustments in the ceiling holes.

    Overall great set of lights, comes well packaged. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks in real life.

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