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  • 36W UV LED Nail Lamp Manicure Pedicure Nail Dryer

    Got it for my daughter few days ago and using it since then. Just decided to share her thoughts on this. She only had UV lamp before getting this, which takes longer time for drying gel polish.

    Comes in a nicely presented branded box, well protected dryer, kettle lead, 2 nail files and a well written manual. The nail dryer is well constructed with a lot of attention to detail. The base plate can be removed, which is attached via just catches, make sure you slot in correctly back in place.

    The Nail dryer can be used in 2 ways - with the assistance of timer (10s-30s-60s-99s). When using without a timer, the unit goes into 99s low heat mode. There are 24 LEDs shining downwards in a curved angle to give all the focus to the nails. Please note that only one hand can be inserted at a time.
    4 timer settings & 24 LEDs
    Daughter found 60s timer is ideal allowing room for 20 second preheat giving the best result, when using this in first round and then on just 30s timer is fine. Just make sure you have the right gel nail polish (for LED) as some of them may not give you the desired shine and durability you seek for.

    Overall a very good product you should look into before considering other alternatives. One improvement daughter wish to see is some rubber / plastic bush underneath the unit, now it’s just the plastic, that easily moves around with with a minor touch / force. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks in real life.

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