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  • VicTsing 87 keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switch

    A Gamers keyboard -Yes, but the design language considered all type of users in mind. This takes me back to the olden days of typewriter and x86 computers with 5.25” disks and keyboards weighing a ton and works exactly as a type writing machine.

    Very contemporary and sleek looking, but durable enough for Gamers with mechanical keys and durability. Keys has enough height, but ideal if you have a wrist rest. One thing I can assure you that, you can become very fast in typing if you use this keyboard and the correct fingers for each keys (follow the strict rule).

    Comes in the box, the keyboard, attached USB cable, manual & key cap puller. Keys are very responsive but need effort as with any mechanical keyboard. Mostly designed keeping US users in mind, but these days not much difference anyway.

    Also if you only like soft touch or apple stye keyboards, this is not the one you should go for. But these are proper keyboard, and once you master it you will always want to use these. These are really heavy and water resistant (just water resistant, but not to plunge in water)

    Overall a great keyboard that takes a lot of beating without any problems. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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