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  • TaoTronics 360° Light Beam Wireless LED Lantern

    Just a 360° lantern - that “taps into your emotions” with a gentle touch. Gives you the natural feel of a traditional lantern with the gentle warm light all around without any harshness. In short, very practical, warm and easy to access.

    This lantern is not about lumens (brightness) or kelvin (temperature), but just a simple light with unique design. The warm tone, blends in with the natural oak top and bottom, cylindrical in shape with very less footprint on bedside table or anywhere you place. Also the handle is so nice to hold.

    Comes in the box, just the lantern - fully assembled, micro USB cable and manual. Top and bottom has natural oak wood finish with a charging socket and led indicator and in the top there is a matt silver circle, where you tap to switch on and off. Long press will make the light bright or dim depends on the mood you want to set. The light is powered by massive 4400mAh battery, that powers up to 72 hours in dim mode.

    Need a mention about the brightness as well. Completely forgot about it as I was carried away with the mood light aspect. This light is really bright as well to light up small to medium sized rooms.

    Overall a great design, definitely unique and uniform light dispersion. Please do check out the pictures to see how beautiful these lights are.

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