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  • SyncArrow 4" 20x Optical Zoom 10x Digital Zoom 2.0 Megapixel 1080P PTZ Camera

    In short, a very expensive camera that needed wired ethernet connection and remote server / storage facility to record the footage. But the camera itself is feature packed.

    Installing the camera is easy, you need a solid wall with good quality fixing screws / wall plugs, as the camera is 2.7kg of weight. If you are planning to fix the camera outside, I’d take only the the ethernet cable and 12V lead through the wall as the power supply unit is too large to keep outside. Fixing arm has enough space to keep the cables hidden inside for a neat install.

    Once the power is switched on, the camera itself do the initial tests and calibration, once the os (firmware) is fully loaded, you can access the configuration screen via web interface. The camera is configured to a static ip 192.168.1.xxx, Virgin media and many other ISP has their subnet configured for 192.168.0.xxx. Use one of your older router to re-configure the IP address of Camera just in case if you need.

    In action,  PTZ functions and focussing are really quick. You can manually control all the Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus functions via the control centre in web interface. There is on onboard recording facility, but the software is based on ONVIF standards, so easy to setup recorder in remote PC or server.

    Web interface acts as a control centre and configurator for the camera. You can pretty much do all the actions and set programs to run. Events can be set including motion and based on the event you can set actions to trigger, that includes email, record footage etc.

    Highlights: 20x Optical Zoom, 10x Digital Zoom & 360° smooth Continuous Pan and the build quality!

    Overall a great camera, solidly built with high quality alloy-aluminium shell and camera unit. 1080p resolution feels like exactly Full HD and focussing/PTZ is quick. Only disappointment is no onboard storage, so the target audience is those who are already having a recording setup or someone with good knowledge in technology & computers. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

    Disclaimer: I received this product for subsidised price in exchange for an extensive test, honest and unbiased review and I've tried my best to do the same.

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