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  • Mpow Mini Portable LCD Projector

    In short this little projector is 800x600 resolution that will not blow you away in terms of picture quality like conventional FHD or 4K projectors. This little one takes a different role than a family room / cinema room, but a personal projector for bed or study.

    Lot of connectivity options including HDMI, RCA, VGA, USB and SD card. There is a limitation of 32GB on SD card, please correct me If I’m wrong. To get this going literally doesn’t need anything at all except some movies on USB stick or SD Card - just switch on, focus using the focus ring, navigate to the file to play and hit play button. Really decent projector for a small room, that doesn't need to be blacked out - just a dark room is fine.

    For me, the focus was clear and there was only little keystone correction needed. Please be warned though, this is bit noisier than my liking. 1200 lumens brightness definitely helped even with the daylight filtering through the windows.

    Comes in the box, the MPOW projector with lens cap, remote control, kettle lead, HDMI & AV cable and decently written manual. Please don’t forget to turn in the focus ring all the way back to push in the lens cap after use. Also please note that if you are new to projector, it takes a while to shutdown the projector even if you press the off button. It’s due to the cooling down process.
    Plenty of connectivity options
    Overall a very decent projector with plenty of functionalities and connections, small enough to keep on desk but will not blow you away in terms of picture quality. The fan noise is there but only in acceptable levels, otherwise all good. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.


    1. I have one of these projectors really good little projector, picture quality is great can have it too far from the wall but for a budget project cant complain.

    2. This really is a nice projector. It’s as good as a BenQ 720p one that I’ve that for 4 years in terms of screen size and brightness. Apart from the native resolution the picture quality is fantastic too.


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