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  • Hometech 1200W 13L Digital Multi-functional Spaceship Air Fryer

    Owned a Philips air fryer since launch so we are familiar with the hot air cooking and the benefits of it. We started of with just potato chips, then tested out other vegetables and later moved on to more advanced side dishes. But the first iteration of Philips air fryer is too small and our skills outgrown the size. Then we got the opportunity to test out the Hometech spaceship air fryer

    This fryer is massive comparing to the tiny Philips air fryer. Comes with loads of accessories, attachments - even an oven glove and an oil sprinkler. The digital control panel has lot of presets and individual adjustments you can make. You can individually set temperature and time in addition to the presets. Though the power cable entry is from bottom, the hot air is pushed downwards from top and the whole top half can be lifted and put it apart when not in use. I think this is important if you want to store it in a cupboard. Most of the electrical stuff are built into the top of the unit including the control panel.

    You can cook everything that you cook in your traditional oven, but much quicker and healthier. Included rotating roast cage is a clever design, as the hot air evenly distributes every single side of the cage. Also included tongs, dual rack, Rotisseries (this is a must have accessory), oil sprayer, glove and pizza pan. The top transparent heavy duty glass gives you an overall idea on what is going on and current status. Cleaning - just use hot water with mild soap and rinse it off.

    Biggest advantages: evenly distributed hot air - no need to shake or stir food, in the middle of cooking, Inclusion of roasting cage and rotisserie. The design - electrical unit in the top with hot air fan. Everything inside except the electrical part can be removed for cleaning.

    Overall a very useful kitchen gadget - beautiful to keep on kitchen worktop, if you have enough space. Or it can go into cupboard as 2 separate units, if your cupboard has shelves. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks. Cleaning is much easier than our old air fryer which had patterns inside the bowl. Please don't forget to check the size comparison picture, Hometech air fryer is much larger than normal Philips or compatible fryers.

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