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  • FLOUREON CCTV Kit - 8 Channel DVR Unit & 8 960H Cameras

    Before I start, this CCTV pack is neither 1080p / 720p nor IP cameras, but analogue cameras with 960H resolution (960 x 480) that connect to the DVR via analogue cables and converts to digital in DVR. If you get the variant without Hard Disk, very easy to install HDD, I’ve included an inside picture of DVR. This pack doesn’t contain HDMI cable to connect to your Display. But for connecting a Hard disk, it’s simple enough to anyone who has a screw driver to open up the DVR.

    Very easy to wire up (at least for testing), it takes only few minutes once you figure out how to connect the power to the cameras. Cannot go wrong by any means as the cables are labelled clearly. HDMI output is capable of providing output of 1080p to a Full HD Panel, if you have 1080p content in HDD already. Many points in product description is misleading though right in its on perspective. Manual is very user friendly though pictures are not large enough to make out, but for basic setup and usage, you will be fine. I only looked out for manual for motion detection setup for a specified area.

    I’ve installed an old 500GB Hard Disk lying around for testing purpose, but for reliability you may have to use decent hard disks like Western Digital Purple or similar. And for connecting the power, you have few power adapters in the pack, and some power splitter cables to split the 12v power to near by cameras or to the DVR. You may also have to wire up to your local area network to access the recordings.

    In my set up, I’ve initially set this up to record in continuous mode, but decided to try motion detection option, which saves a lot of power and hard disk space. Regarding the accompanied APP, I haven’t tested it yet but used HDMI output to configure the system. The footage is decent, you can make out what’s going on. Night time coverage is also decent enough for few metres or so. Email alerts works fine on the defined events.

    The problems that you may face

    a. If you have a modern home that already have structured wiring, this cables are not compatible with that.
    b. Accessing DVR via browser - Static IP address is set in the DVR for, that may not be able to join in other private networks that uses 192.168.0.x, unless you manually setup and configure it
    c. 960H is not 1080p / FHD

    Over all it works exactly as advertised, though you may need an understanding on what exactly the product description means. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get, how it looks and some tips on connections.

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