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  • Finether DIY 3.8M Portable Extendable Multipurpose ladder

    In short, excellent ladder that fits into your car boot but can be extendable and unfolded to reach the height of a standard height 2 story building. Made of Aluminium with ABS plastic bits and locks.

    This is a very strong, solid and sturdy ladder that works in different ways. Can be folded as a step ladder for interior painting or other DIY jobs around home. Also able to fully extend to climb up for gutter or window cleaning up to 2 story buildings, still fits into the car boot when folded and collapsed. Whilst extending you can see and hear the clicks and locks to make sure all the locks are in place.

    Portability is what this ladder is all about. Collapse to a size less than 90cm height, which easily fits even into a small car. The ladder weighs around 14Kg, which is just right and light enough to carry around. Only negative point to mention here is the collapsed mode is not locked, so you have to tied up with the straps provided, but expanding and unfolding is just easy enough without the help of another person.

    There are plenty of warning signs everywhere and instructions on what to do, so it will keep you alerted on what’s going and what you need to watch out for. Very stable and solid foot in the base. This comes as a separate unit, you have to slide in and fix it and this is the only thing you need to do, otherwise comes as pre-assembled. The expansion is independent on each step, that helps to do only what you need - it means the ladder can easily placed even on uneven places.

    One more thing, watch out for your fingers, while expanding and collapsing. Nothing wrong with the fingers, but moving parts may trap your fingers. Also, whilst fixing the base / foot, you may see a tiny plastic bit inside the slot where the base goes in. You can simply knock it off and slide in the base.

    Overall a very chunky ladder still light enough to carry. I’ll keep posting updates as we move on, but definitely good enough for all the DIY and cleaning jobs in and around home.

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