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  • Excelvan 360 Degree 3K Sport Action Camera 220°Ultra Wide Lens

    For the given price, Excelvan 360 camera gives a lot. Camera shoot up to a resolution of 3K @ 30 frames per second, waterproof to 30 metre depth and most importantly compatible with all the GoPro mounts and standard 1/4 thread mounts.

    Edit: The companion APP is rock solid, WiFi hotspot on camera is fast and stable. No matter how you shoot (from app), the file saves in same format, but viewing experience via app is real 360 degree or similar formats.

    Please note that this is not a WiFi camera that connects to your Wireless network, but the camera acts as a WiFi hotspot and you connect your phone or tablet to the camera. Once connected, the smartphone can control the camera and the actions are very responsive and almost instant - that includes taking a picture or shooting a video. You don’t need a smartphone to use the camera but live view is only via a tablet or smartphone.

    360° is not fully 360° but 220° but that is capable enough to capture almost everything around you except an 100° or so behind the lens. While shooting you don’t have to decide on the mode but just select the resolution. The camera also features time-lapse mode, loop recording (suitable for Car DVR function). Menu and settings are easy to access and navigate around.

    The software needed for camera, XDV360 can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store, unlike many apps that comes with cheap sports cameras, this is a very solid APP with plenty of features and functions. With the app you can live view the recording, Start / Stop shooting video or picture. Also with the app, you can access the recordings to watch or download to your smartphone. Straight from the product page, the app is capable of displaying the content in VR mode (with the help of VR glasses), Inner Rim, Square, Round, Annular and 360° Panorama mode.

    There is also a built in Mic but please be aware the audio quality may not be the best you expect from a Sports camera. 1200Ah battery is pretty decent and worked decent amount of time for me, also you can charge the battery while recording. So again, this is useful for Car DVR use. If you plan to take the content straight out of the Micro SD card and want to upload to youtube, make sure the metadata for 360 degree camera is written. I’ve used Spatial Media Metadata Injector to edit the raw file before uploading to youtube. Also please note that 360 degree view may work only in Google Chrome browser.

    Overall a very decent camera, works exactly as described. I’m really surprised by the quality of night time footage. Now I’ve to find the best software to show the clip in 360 degree mode. I’ll try to upload a short clip to Amazon, not sure how it turns out. I’ve attached plenty of pictures for you to have a look to see what exactly you get and how it looks. I’ll update the review with more live pictures soon.

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