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  • Excelvan 1050W 10-Cup Automatic Programmable Coffee maker with Grind-and-Brew

    Reusable filter, Coffee Grinder, set the time you would like to have coffee and hot plate to keep Coffee warm - these are the features I wish to high light. These may be the standard features, but this is my first coffee machine so I’m pretty much excited about this.

    I only had Breville one Cup hot water dispenser in the past, so with respect to this coffee machine I’m writing my personal experience, but from a technical point of view.

    Pour in the water into the tank as mentioned in the manual, I use the same carafe / jug to fill up water. There is also a water level indicator on the body, so easy to know if we fill up beyond the maximum point. Grinder takes Coffee bean or Coffee granules. When using coffee bean, you may have to press the grinding button once, so the machine will automatically grind and prepare coffee for you. Same goes with Coffee granules as well, but instead of grinding button, press the coffee button.

    Preparing coffee at a desired time of your choice, you have to set the time via program. Again for Coffee beans press grind button twice or for coffee granules double tap Coffee button. Then press the program to set the time you want coffee to be prepared. Hot plate keeps the coffee warm for 30 minutes or so.

    I can feel the smell of brewing comparing to my tried and tested way of preparing coffee for several years. Convenience? for one coffee I still prefer to get 1 cup hot water via my old machine, but more than 2 cups of coffee or when preparing coffee for the family, I love Excelvan Coffee machine. Specs says 1000W, but my energy monitor says it’s the peak current that uses occasionally but most of the time considerably lower.

    Overall I love the convenience, compact size and sleek look of the coffee machine. Works well in the way I want but I repeat not for 1 cup. Timer function is great too with added feature of hot plate. Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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