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  • Excelvan 1000W Professional Slow Juicer

    We have couple of fast / Centrifugal juicers at home, but recently my gym instructor advised to get a slow juicer and explained the benefits of having one at home. Slow juicers retains more nutrients and enzymes as the fruits are not shredded with blades spinning at faster RPM. I’ve been searching for a decent one in my budget, but then got offered one from Excelvan to test and review. This is my first slow juicer so I can share only my personal experience but no technical knowledge or comparison to other slow juicers

    If you maintain a healthy diet, do regular work out and keep fit - I feel a slow juicer is a must have accessory for you. Keeping permanently on Kitchen worktop may be difficult but really worth having it. Excelvan slow juicer helps in various occasions including your detoxing days, slimming programme or just a replacement healthy food supplement.

    This machine has much smaller footprint on work top, so you can leave it on worktop, easy to operate, but cut the vegetables appropriately so that the waste will not clog the waste shoot. The included pusher can be used to push down leafy vegetables into squeezing screw. The juicer operates at very low RPM, so that it preservers all the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. 2 Jugs are supplied, one for Juice outlet and the other one for pulp. The juice can be stored and consumed up to 48 hours without losing the quality.

    Comes in the box, the base motor unit, the top squeezing screw container and the lid with pusher. Also included 2 jars, a plastic brush and a very detailed manual. The juicer consumes around 150W electricity and spins around 45RPM speed. Operation is easy, but have to keep an eye on waste outlet. Cleaning can be quick, but have many accessories to clean.

    Regarding the recipe, there are plenty of diet, detox or healthy living recipe details in popular blogs and youtube. I’ve been using this juicer for past 2 weeks and already seen some level of benefits, mainly weight reduction. I’ll come back and update as I progress through 3-4 months.

    Overall a very decent slow juicer with decent build quality.  Please do check out the pictures to see what exactly you get and how it looks like.

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