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  • Excelvan 1000W Electric Food 5.5L Stand Mixer

    My mother was asking for a stand mixer for long time, as mixing dough was getting difficult by hand. I’ve started researching in Amazon, reading reviews and weighing pros and cons. Then this Excelvan mixer arrived for testing and reviewing purpose. So I’ve been using this for some time, noting down all the positives and negatives. My review is based on my personal experience, but not a technical review.

    Whilst doing my research my requirements were, 3 attachments, powerful motor for heavy duty mixing and splash guard. Excelvan Stand mixer comes with 3 different attachment including dough hook, balloon whisk and beater. The stainless steel bowl is fairly large and easy to clean. The lock mechanism is very secure. Splash proof lid keeps the mixture in the bowl without going everywhere. It also has an inlet to pour water. The base of the Stand mixer has 6 suction cups that holds the unit securely, even on slightly grainy surface like mine (check out the picture, please).

    In action, It took around 10-13 minutes to get the dough kneaded well and smooth. During the process I only used speed setting 1-2-3 and then in the reverse order. Not even a single instance I had to stop for anything. The powder never sticked to the walls of the bowl and the glass lid helped to see through what is going on inside. Initially in the mix, I’ve added the bit of salt and a few drops of oil, then added water through the small vent in glass lid. For the reference the dough was for making Chapati.

    Once completed, just a wipe with wet cloth and another round with dry towel brings back the bowl to clean look. Really surprised to see no residuals of powder left. The dough was slightly harder than I expected, but first time try - 99.99% success, next time I need to add bit more water and run in slower setting.

    Overall a great stand mixer, works exactly as I want. Used it 3 times now, I’ll come back and update the review, if there is any change after a longer period of use. Meanwhile, please do check out the pictures and see what exactly you get and how it looks.

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