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  • AUKEY 12W Dimmer LED Table Light

    If you want to light up the room, straighten the lamp and set brightness to 100% and whatever colour temperature you want - really bright to light up medium to large sized rooms. If you are reading you may need only brightness in lowest point (in bed) or lower than medium (on desk) setting. If more than one person is working on the same desk or room you can set it to medium or so, still plenty to brightness to left with. Another brilliant thing - there is night light feature, if you turned on that feature - couple of LEDs light up to give a very dim light, which is very helpful.

    Negatives? Nothing really - it takes up a ac outlet as there is no USB power option, but surely we cannot expect this high powered light to power from a USB adapter. Highlight? The lamp can be folded down when not in use! It’s sleek, elegant and beautiful. Very contemporary looking with gloss black finish, that sits nicely on a white / wood grain desk. The craftsmanship and the finish is excellent, hardly any fault.

    Comes in the box, the light unit, a power adapter and a manual. The base and stem of the unit are made of durable plastic, finished in gloss black and the same colour on LED light unit. The touch sensor is very responsive and has separate controls for 7 evels of brightness, with LED status indication. The Lamp has 5 different Colour temperature settings including Warm White (around 3000k), Normal White (4000k) and Day white (5000-5500k). There is also a 1A USB port in the back of base, if you wish to charge other USB gadgets.

    Because of the scattered light source the light is more pleasing and not harsh to eyes, combined with this and adjustable colour temperature / brightness, the lamp is useful and excellent source of light for different purposes. Overall a bright light that looks good on your desk or bedside table.

    On the brightest setting, the output is massive and can light up the very large room. Our living room with extended Studio facility is approximately 9 meters and the light comes through all the way to front from the other end of the room (pic attached). This is a very large lamp, but the design is so sleek, that it’s hardly noticeable in its folding position. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life situation.

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