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  • Yoassi Adjustable Bicycle Smart Phone Holder

    There are countless Cycle mounts in Amazon store, majority of them are spring loaded catch mechanism and made of just plastic. Rest is proven, I’ve experienced many occasions phones flying off from the holder. There are some seriously good mounts as well, but expensive.

    Got a chance to try out the Yoassi mount recently, Comes in a branded box, just the mount. The mount is attached to the cradle via a ball joint, which makes easy to adjust the position. And for the cradle there is no spring mechanism or push / pull system. This has just twists and turns, the arms slides out and in to the desired position and when you tighten it with another knob, it’s secure.

    There is a soft rubber padding in the points where the phone tightens. The mount grip / rubber has plenty of room to adjust to various handle diameter.

    Overall a great design and solid product. Please do check out the pictures for a closer look, you will get an overall idea about quality

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