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  • VictSing 60W Soldering Kit

    VictSing Soldering Kit - you will get everything you wanted in one pack. Flux is excluded, but you can get going with you project whether you are just an enthusiast or professional.

    I do electronics for hobby, buy and assemble hobby kits including raspberry pi accessory kits. Because of the adjustable temperature and included small tips made the job easier and very clean. Got everything in place at first attempt without any cold joints.

    Comes in the box, the Soldering iron with permanently attached power cable, interchangeable tips and a rotary dial to control the heat. Also included, 5 additional tips of varying sizes to cater different needs, soldering lead, antistatic tweezers, de-soldering pump and a stand. Heats up quickly without taking much of electricity.

    Overall a very good kit for enthusiasts, please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks in real life.

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