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  • VicTsing Gold Plated 1080P HDMI to VGA Video Adapter

    Comes in an envelope, just the HDMI to VGA adapter / converter. Please note that this is unidirectional, ie. input must be HDMI and output should be VGA, there is no audio conversion taking place within the adapter. You need additional power to supply to this adapter from a USB socket, but USB cable is included.

    Not for everyone, but useful for those who want to watch your downloaded / old content from a laptop or similar device to your old TV. It may look like old technology, but it's really remarkable that this clever adapter actually converts HDMI signal to age old content that output from VGAl. Some of you may face the trouble of not having a USB socket nearby the adapter, but it might worth investing a multi-port adapter as more and more devices are supplied just with USB cable.

    Please check out the pictures attached, so you will get a ideal how it looks like in real life

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