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  • TEC.BEAN 10 Way 4 USB Surge Protector Vertical Power Strip Charging Station

    Highlights: Short footprint, plenty of sockets, 4 standard USB ports, and Surge protector.

    I’m pretty certain that you will not be running around for another socket for a very long time! 10 electric sockets with clear markings. Each row (or layer) has individual switches to control. The build quality seems very good and nowhere any signs of cheap plastic, even the switches are of good quality that usually tend to fall short in many switches.

    4 USB ports with 2.1A current is good enough for giving the best charging for Apple devices and good option for most of the android smart devices. Much more than charging your phone (you may already using a fast charger) consider this as an accessory for your 5V needs, as many electrical gadgets comes with USB lead.

    I’ll be using this extension lead USB sockets for plugging in my BT Smart monitor, Samsung smart hub and similar devices, which all works from 5V USB supply. Also the shorter footprint makes this attractive to keep it along with our gadgets / electrical items and not tucked away under the cupboard collecting all the dust and tangled up cables.

    A safety note: You have 10 sockets and if you plan to use it in full load, it is advisable not to keep the power cable wound (coiled) inside the tower. Leave the additional length of cable outside for better heat dissipation

    Overall a great extension lead with plenty of sockets and USB ports. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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