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  • SweetLF Rechargeable Electric Shaver Wet and Dry

    Shavers, so many to choose from the big players. Even within one brand plenty of variety in both Foil and Rotary category. I currently use a Braun foil shaver, after some painful experience from famous rotary shaver. Then suddenly this SweetLF turned up for testing. I tend to stay away from rotary blades, but don’t want to share someone else experience. So here are my thoughts.

    Best thing? my shaver charging always goes missing! So happy to see this SweetLF uses Micro USB charging, so I’ll always have access to chargers. The shaver comes pre-charged, tried past one week every day without a fail to test it out. Still plenty of charge left. Very ergonomic to hold, easy to use without any pain or no "pulling of hair”. So I think mostly down to the technique, still the shaver helped a lot in my opinion. Also I’ve noticed a more cleaner look than foil shaver I currently use.

    As any other shavers, there is also a pop up trimmer which works exactly as you expect. It has plenty of width to cover enough area in one go. I’ve tried on Moustache and sideburn, works perfectly and quickly. Most importantly there is no discomfort in any situations. Please note that I’ve used with cream and without cream without any troubles.

    Comes in a well presented recyclable box, the shaver, a brush to clean, travel pouch and manual. Shaver comes pre-charged, with a protective cover in the blades. With a single button press, you can remove the blades from the body to clean the head system. Charging is via micro USB cable to your USB outlet. I don’t know how long it take to fully charge but the charge lasts forever from my experience.

    Overall a very good shaver with all important functions with a highlight of USB charging. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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