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  • Suaoki Metallic Lit 16 LED Solar Motion Sensor Light

    I rarely had luck with Solar lights, thought i tried loads of lights in the past. Many of them were either too dim or short lived.

    Highlight of this light unit over others: Motion activated as any other lights, but switches on light when it senses a loud noise.

    Thought to try out Suaoki LED lights as the specifications were very interesting. Comes in a branded and well presented box, the Solar LED light itself, wall plug, screws and manual. Straight out the box the unit appears to be very nice with silver matt finish and flat / horizontal Solar panel and light design, this will the best to absorb maximum sun light.

    Down light helps to focus the light in our own premises and not into neighbours property, diffuser makes the light scattered yet very bright. The settings on light are easily accessible and very helpful. When you are in outdoors and need bright light, just switch to full bright light mode and it will stay forever or until the battery dies. In my opinion the best setting would be dim continuous light and switch to bright light when the light unit sees a motion.

    Tested out the lights for few days including couple of cloudy days, surprisingly it worked through out the night in dim-bright setting. 100lm brightness is enough to light up a small garden or patio area in full brightness setting. I'm sure built in 3.7V 800 mAh battery is the real power horse behind these light, they are rated as IP64.

    Please check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life situation. Overall this (yet to find another similar product) the best solar security light I come across so far.

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