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  • Suaoki D5T 20M Bluetooth Smart Digital Laser Distance Meter

    100% accurate, very convenient, no need paper & pencil to write measurements, a very flashiest gadget (check pictures)!

    Most importantly, the Laser measure comes with the batteries you need to power the unit, 2x AAA batteries. Also in the box 2 manuals, 1 for the actual laser measure and second one for smartphone App that accepts reading via bluetooth.

    Sliding up the big button on the front powers up the unit and fires a laser beam. Pressing down the button on big slider instantly reads the measurement, if your hands are steady and registers to its memory. please note that the measurements are from the laser distance meter to the point where the laser beam projects. You can adjust / configure the starting point, ie. front of the Laser measure, middle or all the way back.

    Laser Measure unit’s screen is touch enabled, most of the functions can be accessed via touch on the screen including unit of measurements. Last few readings will be shown on the display, is the best feature for me. You can access your reading via bluetooth to an app called Sketch iMeter, where you have loads of functions and applications. I only tested few, it works but has a learning curve.

    The build quality is not that you expect or seen many times. Mostly soft touch grip combined with hard plastic makes the unit very durable and comfortable to hold. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life situation.

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