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  • Stoga ST-8380 Non-contact Digital Infrared Thermometer

    I’m using this to measure temperature mainly for Vegetable cooking and warming up Milk to the correct temperature. So far the readings accurate in comparison with the other thermometers we have. In comparison to the classic probe thermometer, this takes reading almost instantly.

    Comes in the box the Infrared temperature gun, manual (english / other languages) and 2x AA batteries that you need to insert into the thermometer. Manual is self explanatory, as the product itself is too easy to use.

    All you need to aim at the surface you need the temperature to read and pull the trigger and wait for a second or two. The reading can be customised for both the standards (°F/°C). The mode button on the unit allows you to cycle through and configure the settings. The Alarm function is handy (if you preset configuration) to warn you about the temperatures. The unit shuts down after 7 seconds of inactivity to save the battery, but you can override this feature by using the lock mode.

    Comes in the box just the thermometer and the manual. Battery is included to get the instrument working. Screen size is just okay and readable from some distance. The instrument shows reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

    Overall a good instrument gives accurate results. Please check out the close up pictures to see how it looks in real life.

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