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  • Stoga Quad Core KF-MXQ Smart TV KODI Streamer

    In short, very good for 3D Graphics and games due to the inclusion of Octa-core Mali 450MP GPU @ 600MHZ, 4K / 2K @ 30Hz and runs KODI without any troubles. Also, if you have time in your hands there are plenty of things you can do with this little box.

    Powered by Amlogic S805, run on Android 4.4 Stoga KF-MXQ is really a feature packed box with plenty of customisable options. For input you can use 2.4Hhz wireless options or a Wired USB input device. The box has 8GB built in storage and supports external storage via USB Hard Disk. Supports dual band WiFi (revisions. 802.11 a/b/g/n). Wired ethernet supports up to 100mbps only, so for copying files you may have to connect it directly or use Wifi for faster transfer.

    Operation is easy and fast, under the shell of that matt black sleek box, it’s a mini PC. Consumes only very low power - if you have the right cable and a USB port outputs 2A / 5V, you can plug that in without using the included adapter. All the movies and 4k content I streamed worked and displayed brilliantly. Please note that I’m using it straight out of the box, no upgrade or extra software other than KODI. I’ll come back and update more as I get deeper with respect to software.

    Overall a good device out of the box, particularly for those who are stuck with non-smart TVs. And once you start customising it’s a Computer and it can do many brilliant things. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life.

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