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  • Stoga Kmea ST-6008 5kg Digital Kitchen Food Scale

    In short, very compact, sleek looking kitchen scale with accuracy that runs on 2x AA batteries (included)

    Comes well packaged in a branded box, the kitchen scale wrapped in plastic coating, a very readable manual (you need translation) and 2 * AA batteries. I have so much appreciation when the sellers add the batteries that needed to get their product worked immediately after delivery. Otherwise it may end up never using it.

    The LCD screen is small but readable even if you don’t have a great eye sight. My mother is just fine to read the digits. Tested the scale with small weights to check the accuracy, It's almost and above 98% every single time. The aluminium finish is elegant and perfect match to our kitchen decor. It is made of plastic and feels slightly cheap, but overall great kitchen scale

    Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks in real life. Forgot to add, the scale weighs up to 5Kg.

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