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  • Polished Chrome Squeegee

    Okay, most of you may already have Karcher (or similar) window cleaner. But it always better to have one kept in the bathroom to wipe of the water from tiles, shower screen or bathroom window.

    Comes in a white box, a polished chrome squeegee and the wall hanger for hanging the squeegee. When you hold it in hand, you feel the quality - The wall hanger is also in polished chrome colour to match with the squeegee. The rubber strip is clean, smooth and soft enough to give a good wipe.

    This is a great solution and good alternative to Karcher, at least in the summer when you don’t have damp problems. Give a good wipe, after taking a shower. This will give a very clean and neat look in walls and glass. You also avoid the build up of soap and dirt.

    Overall a very good product with quality that matches with contemporary bathroom interiors. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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