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  • OxyLED 12 LED ON/OFF Rechargeable Table Lamp Night Light with Gravity Sensor

    In short, one of the most beautiful and uniquely designed lamp I’ve ever seen. This is just right fit on the bedside table or anywhere as ambient light.

    A very beautiful light, ON and OFF print is classy and the light unit is built well without any traces of cheap looking. Once light up, the light is uniformly distributed for that ambient looks, still the ON / OFF stands out. Gravity sensor works every single time without a fault.

    Comes in the box the light unit and the charging cable. The light is re-chargable from USB outlets you already have. I’d thing the colour temperature is around 2700k gives a nice warm glow but very bright to give an evenly distributed brightness.

    There are 2 brightness settings, but brighter is better in my opinion. Overall a very unique and interesting light unit. Please don’t forget to check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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